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Wingshooting Adventures has over 30 years of experience in the “Sport of Kings.” Every serious shot gunner should consider partaking in the opportunity to enjoy our driven bird shoot adventures in Scotland, Hungary and Bolivia. We will satisfy the most discriminating gunner. The cuisine and accommodations on our adventures are excellent and reflect the best of each country where we are shooting.
Old school classic shoots with the traditions and
honor truly reminiscent of the



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Testimonials from just a few

of our many wonderful customers.


The Hungary trip was wonderful. The shooting was great. We especially enjoyed the ceremony and traditions of the hunt. Budapest was everything we expected and Janet’s side trip to Vienna was terrific. We hope to return to Hungary but Scotland is next for us.

Janet and Bruce Marsh



I have just returned from a fabulous pheasant and mallard shoot in the Budapest area of Hungary. The trip was organized by Wingshooting Adventures of Michigan. Host Jack Jansma provided an outstanding experience in every way! The food, lodging, and organization of this adventure were perfect. The traditions and memories of this European shoot will be with me for the rest of my life! Also, I might add that my beautiful Arrieta shotgun also acquired from Wingshooting Adventures performed flawlessly. I shot two flats of shells without missing a beat!”

Dr. John Hilt



I do not readily recall when I first got to know Jack, but it was between 10 and 20 years ago. It started with a call from a friend of mine who called me from a gun show in Las Vegas in order to say that he had spotted a pair of Watson 12g side by sides that I might be interested in. He identified the owner as Jack Jansma, with whom I soon was talking by phone, When Jack got back to Michigan, he shipped them to a dealer in Houston so that I could examine and shoot them. After doing that, I became the owner and embarked on an acquaintanceship that soon turned to a lasting friendship when we came eyeball to eyeball with each other.

      That meeting occurred on a hunting trip to Europe or South America, I cannot remember which. By that time I had hunted on five continents and had a good idea of what a good hunting trip is and is not. I could reconstruct it all from my files, but I think that I travelled with Jack every year after that, sometimes or two or three hunts each year. Specifically, I have hunted many times with Jack in Scotland and Hungary, and I wish to add that people Jack has provided at each location are and have been more than outstanding, exceptional I would say.

      Never quite content, I continued buying shotguns from Jack. One purchase was another pair, this time 12g Boss side by sides. Also a 20g o/u Belgian Browning of high quality. I would not have been departing with that much money if I were not pleased.

      Finally I wish to turn to Jack himself, even though his head may swell a bit if he ever reads this. He’s honest as the day is long—and fair. He’s friendly, courteous, kind and all that sort of thing we used to recite in the Boy Scout troop. And last, and not least, he’s capable, knowledgeable, smart, experienced, and—well, you get the picture.

      As indicated above, we are friends, and I doubt that this will ever change as long as we both are kicking around. One of the things that made me glad when I observed it was that I was not his only friend. In fact, he has real friendships with all of his long-term hunters.


Tom Eubank



I was referred to Jack several years ago when I was “shopping” for a SxS 28 gauge for quail. I visited him in Grand Rapids and ordered an Arrieta before I left. That visit also introduced me to Wingshooting Adventure trips. Since then, I have been to Scotland, Hungary, Paraguay and Bolivia with Jack. Today, after multiple trips to each destination, 6 Arrieta guns, and several vintage British doubles by Purdy, Holland and Holland, Dicksons, and Mckay-Brown, I consider myself a regular customer. That has happened because I found Jack to be a fair and honest man, and, a person who loves what he does. His trips capture the ambiance and tradition of international shoots without the undue formality that often accompanies other shoots. It is the grand experience in a comfortable, relaxed, friendly personal environment. I plan to continue to be a “regular customer” for years to come.

Barry Perry



What a great time Carolyn and I had with the Wingshooting Group in Hungary! This is the eighth trip we have made with you. The accommodations in the newly-renovated old-monastery were spacious and comfortable. The friendly and competent dining staff did everything to cater to our group. You and your Hungarian partner, Agnes with daughter Dora, kept activities moving and organized.

      I have shot birds in many parts of the world. Hungary shooting is without comparison. Hard-flying, mature, high pheasants are always challenging. Flighted mallards are fast, tough birds and great fun to shoot. From the time the hunting horn signalled the beginning of the shoot until the end, there was exciting activity in the field.Unique to Hungary, are the hunting traditions. Honoring and paying tribute to the birds in the closing Tableau ceremony is always soul-stirring. With shooters lined up opposite drivers, loaders and dog-handlers, all the birds were presented in a field decorated with pine boughs. A blazing bonfire and sounds of a hunting-horn introduced brief speeches from the leader of each group. This impressive observance was a great way to end a day in the field. Hungarian loaders were saavy and efficient energizing quick responses from shooters which led to increasing daily bird counts.Lunch and field-snacks were plentiful and delicious. Traditional Hungarian foods, cooked in the field, were definitely a highlight for both shooters and observers. The ladies always anticipate the guided trip to Vienna. Driven to fine shopping, sightseeing and dining, they stayed at a friendlyl, down-town Hotel which adjoins an area of upscale shopping. There is much to see and do in historic Vienna, and they tried to do it all. A tour of the City was on the agenda. The home of famous composers, Strauss, Mozart and Lizst, also offered impressive musical options for evening entertainment. Budapest – Ahhhh! The City of bridges over the ‘Beautiful Blue Danube”. Shooters and spouses were taken on a private bus tour including both parts of the City, Buda and Pest. Museums, Cathedrals, Turkish Baths, and Architecture to rival Paris, are all on the agenda.Dining in Budapest is a real treat. The Wingshooting Adventures team is familiar with all aspects of dining in the City of Budapest. “Gundel” is known as one of Europe’s best Restaurants! Its formality is friendly. Its Gypsy music is haunting. Menu selections have been refined and presentations are stunning. Let’s talk about the food itself! Every morsel is delectable. Local produce is used when available. Each meal at Gundol is memorable. Our most recent evening there was no exception. The foie gras in this part of Europe is magnificent

      Many times we have visited the spectacular Budapest Opera House. I cannot emphasize enough the quality of musical performances we have enjoyed in the opulence surrounding us there. How does Agnes manage to continuously secure some of the best seating in the house for the Wingshooters?Carolyn and I look forward to shooting trips each year with Wingshooting Adventures. The comeraderie with fellow sportsmen has always been interesting and fun. We meet new folks each year and always find pleasure in renewing acquaintances with old friends.

Gary Dietrich