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Wingshooting Adventures Wingshooting Adventures has over 30 years of experience in the “Sport of Kings.” Every serious shot gunner should consider partaking in the opportunity to enjoy our driven bird shoot adventures in Scotland, Hungary, and Bolivia. We will satisfy the most discriminating gunner. The cuisine and accommodations on our adventures are excellent and reflect the best of each country where we are shooting. Old school classic shoots with the traditions and honor truly reminiscent of the SPORT of KINGS! Please take a journey through our website to view future Wingshooting trips, 
pictures of past adventures, and our history. Wingshooting Adventures 
has survived the pandemic. 2020 was a non-overseas traveling year during which we hunkered down, 
keeping in touch with our shooters and switching trips over to 2021. This year we were able to do two of our Bolivia pigeon trips and have planned and booked all for the Scotland trip. The requirements for Bolivia were fairly simple in that we had to have very current negative covid tests prior to leaving and the same for our flights back home. It worked out very well. Scotland had the same covid test necessity but added some special extra requirements which were not easy to navigate. We managed to (with a lot of struggling) get it handled and will be arriving there on 28 October. Hungary has not, as of yet, had a clear path to getting in and out of the country and some of our shoot providers are struggling to remain able to provide shooting. 2022 should be clear and we will be working on securing quality trips as before. We will shortly be doing the scheduling for Bolivia and if you are looking forward to participating in one of these great trips, please get in touch. Hours of operation: 9:30 a.m – 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (USA) Please call or email us with any questions or for an appointment
(Appointments during the week are always recommended) Wingshooting Adventures 9516 Taft Street
Coopersville, Michigan 49404
Phone: (616) 837-9000
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